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downloadUncle Roy , 65 years can not recognize me sometimes forgets the path to his home and takes the lot of time in his daily tasks. He is suffering from Alzheimer disease .

In Alzheimer  disease patient slowly loss the thinking , reasoning power with memory loss

Types of alzheimer disease


  1. Below 60 years age , mainly because of hypertension ,heredity .
  2. In above 60 years , commonly present due to changes in neurological reasons.


Causes of Alzheimer disease is still unknown but




Hypertension and degenerative changes of mind.

Early signs of alzheimer disease


  1. Memory loss   images
  2. Difficulty in language
  3. Loss of concentration
  4. Learning disorder
  5. Taking long time in doing small tasks.


Second stage of problem


  1. Forget the path to home .
  2. Forget the name .
  3. Cannot explain anything properly.
  4. Take lots of time to understand the discussion.


Later stage of problem


  1. Cannot name the person.
  2. Depression
  3. Emotional behavior
  4. Cannot tell his/her name and address
  5. Loss of ability to judge the danger.


Ayurvedic treatment for Alzheimer


In Ayurveda we use  medicines and therapies for the treatment .



  1. Abhyang – Abhyang is a complete body massage starting from head with lukewarm oil .first in supine position , left lateral ,right lateral and back. This relaxes the mind ,body and  helps in concentration .Head massage improves  blood circulation and relaxes mind.
  2. Shirodhara – in this technique medicated lukewarm oil poured from 8-9 cm height of the forehead continuously for 30-45 minutes . shirodhara relaxes mind and improve memory .

Continue shirodhara for 7-14 days .

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  1. Nasya- Nasya is a technique in which we inhale medicated powder or use medicated  nasal oil drops .


Ayurveda believes that  nose is a door to head , by this door medicine reach and spread into the head .

Nasya is useful in 7-80 years of age. in summer we should use Nasya in  the morning and in winters in the day time .

By this therapy disease of neck and head cures, relaxes mind and improves sleep.


  1. Ashwagandha powder

(Withania somnifera )

Ashwagandha is very good ayurvedic medicine helps in depression dementia and memory loss. It also increases muscular body weight.daily divided dose of 500 mg with lukewarm milk .


  1. BrahmiBrahmi is another very good medicine for Alzheimer patients . brahmi increases thinking ability ,memory and relaxes mind .helps in good sleep .

Intial daily dose of 300 mg cap for 15 days and 450 mg  daily for next 15 days .

  1. Brahmighrat Rasayan – 10-20 gm with 200 lukewarm milk daily increase memory , age, skin problem .

4.Vacha Rasayan – 5-10 gm in morning and in the evening with lukewarm milk .

This medicine increases hearing power in first 12 days.

In next 12 days this medicine has very good effect on your memory.

Again in next 12 days your thinking ability sharpens.


  1. Amlaki Rasayan – 20 ml juice of phyllanthus emblica, mix 1 tsp of honey,1 tsp of sugar and 2 tsp cow milk cream .

Use daily for 30-45 days , helps in memory loss, decreases your hair loss and increases skin glow and thinking ability .


Some useful tips

Soak 7-8 almonds in cup of water overnight, peel the skin in morning and eat with luke warm milk .IMG_1750

Lemon juice 1 tsp mix with 8-10 drops of peppermint oil and mix in half liter water , boil the water and inhale its vapours relaxes the mind help in good sleep ,anxiety ,depression .