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In this fast pace world life moves so rapidly that we get little time to one of the most important daily activity , that is to sleep . Number of distractions and pressure of jobs causing sleep disorders

Panic attack while in  sleep is one of them .These attacks disturbs your mental condition, changes your behavior and increases anxiety, sadness and fatigue body condition.

Medical professional faces many patients those came with sleep disorder choking of a voice while in sleep, difficulty in breathing and increased heart rate in sleep.

Sleep is a natural process necessary for body and mind.

Proper sleep increases your concentration and working ability.

Good Sleep decreases your blood pressure and helps in proper digestion 

Rozy, 36 years, is my regular patient. She told me about how she feels before going to bed. Anxiety and stress of panic attack could not let her to sleep.

Pressure in jobs increases stress, loss of sound sleep causing panic attacks in sleep.

You start taking sedatives for sleep without any medical advice.

Do you also face panic attacks in your sleep?

You feel that someone trying to kill you. Your heart beat increases with heavy sweating.

This problem can disturb you in start or  middle of your sleep. Sometimes you’re sleeping posture are responsible for these attacks – like when you keep your hands on chest while in sleep, you feel suffocated or difficulty in breathing .

Different causes of these panic attacks in              sleep.

  1. Obesity is one of the main reason of your panic attacks while you in sleep. Because of your hormonal changes or because of bad food habits like eating oily, heavy food increases your body weight.

FAT on your body and on your neck obstructs the breathing and this    initiates panic attack in your sleep.

  1. Indigestion and Acidity – Acidity is common problem in today’s fast food eating generation and in stressful life. Eating oily, spicy and heavy food disturbs the Gastro intestinal system of the body which leads to improper digestion of food, acidity and constipation.

Acidity is common to Cigarette smoker, Alcoholic Peoples .

Less gap between your night meal and sleep increases the chances of acidity and acid reflux. This acid reflux cause panic attack while you in sleep.

  1. Today our life is full of stress, tension and anxiety may be in personal professional or social life. You face different situation in your life, sometimes these stress conditions disturbs your sleep. Initially you take more time to sleep and when you are in sleep, you wake up with this panic attacks due to stress.

These panic attacks of sleep are very common of children because the atmosphere of your home like fights in parents increases stress in children.


Signs of panic attack while sleeping

  1. Suddenly start crying in sleep.
  2. Shouting for help in sleep.
  3. Sweating with increases heartbeat .
  4. Unable to speak and difficulty in breathing.
  5. Numbness in one sided hand and leg.
  6. Legs and arm twitching.


How can you stop these panic attacks while sleeping?

  1. By controlling your Diet you can lose your Weight. Increase your calories intake and increase the level of your physical activity – like swimming, running and cycling.

Fat reduction occurs when respiration and heart rate elevated for an extended period of time – 20 to 40 minutes.

Walking at speed 3.5 kilometers per hour can burn off 150 – 200 calories equaling a bottle of cola based drinks or one big cup of noodles.

Do not over exercise in order to quickly reduce weight because after some day you leave the exercise schedule due to some injury, muscles soreness, fatigue etc.

  1. By changing your eating habits you can control your acidity or acid reflux problem. Increases the gap between your night meal and sleep.

Avoid fast food, oily, spicy food.

Avoid alcohol, cigar rete.

Use Aloe Vera juice before your dinner helps in reducing acidity and    acid reflux.

Chewing gum without sugar reduces acidity, gives you relief from acid reflux problem and acidity.

You can eat slices of ginger with your meal helps in proper digestion and reduces gas and acidity.

  1. Stress, anxiety is also responsible for panic attacks while sleep.

You can try Yoga Asana – Yoga helps in controlling your mind, breathing, relaxes your body .

You can listen soft, slow, light music helps in decreasing your anxieties and stress.

You can eat bananas- banana relaxes your muscle and brain.

Eat Almonds with milk 1 hour before sleep helps in decreasing your stress.

How can you take sound sleep?

Take hot bath before sleep.

Massage your head and feet with mustard oil.

Create environment for sleep in your bedroom like dark, quiet.

Drink warm milk with honey.

Avoid use of mobiles, laptops 1 hour before sleep.

Your bed should be very comfortable with sleep.

Avoid aggressive discussion just before sleep.

Sleep decrease in exciting thoughts also.

How can you sleep after your panic attack while sleeping?

After your panic attack in sleep, you face difficulty in sleeping again. So for that you should wake up, stand up and take a round of your house.

Do not watch television shows and chatting on messenger.

You can play with your pets or sit in your garden so that your mind diverting. After you feel calm, comfortable, fresh try to do those activities in which you generally does not have interest like washing your clothes, reading. This makes you bore and creates your interests in sleep.

Try some Yoga Asana to calm and relax your mind.


Ayurveda treatment for your sleep panic attacks

Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha ) Roots dry powder is a popular medicine helps in relaxing your mind for sound sleep.

Sarpgandha vati (tablets) 2 tablet in night before helps in good sleep and lower your blood pressure.

Aarogyavardhani vati (tablet) 2 tablet in the morning and 2 tablet in night with warm water detoxify your body  and decreases stress, anxiety .

Ayurveda massage ( Panchkarma ) therapy is very helpful in relaxing your body , improves skin glow and decreases gastric related problems .